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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Online marketing - not rocket science

Earning money online is a lot easier then one might expect, making the new affiliate programs more valuable then ever. One affiliate site even states they are contributing more then the music industry to the third world. While I strongly doubt this, it is no doubt they are making a good contribution to everyone using the affiliate programs regularly. You point link towards their page, using your affiliatecode, and they track the visitors you send thru a java script or some other software. They will pay you either for every lead, sale, visitor or impression, but you will always get paid for something. The affiliateprogram s are starting to make its way into pretty much every business, with Poker and gambling at the font line, taking it one step further. They are using sign up bonuses to target their visitors, making the traffic received very well converting. Other businesses have tried to adapt this teqnique, some have succeded, while others have failed. A good affiliate program should consist of great tracking software, some other program, perhaps a linux server and some other affiliate tools.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Single acting webpage

Trying to actuate a single webpage can be difficult – but it should be done. Once you have optimised it for searchengines – SEO – you need to focus on bringing traffic to your pages. Search for free traffic on a major search engine – and you will get way to many results, amaking that search useless. Instead, try to find a good site with a lot of free traffic resources, making that the base of your traffic efforts. Then, when you have a lot of visitors coming your way, it is time to send them elsewhere. This might sound strage after such a hard days work, bringing traffic TO your site, but you will make more money, sending them to an affiliate program. The same applies here, if you search for an affiliate program on a major SE, it will return to many results, making it more useful to go to a page designed to find affiliates. Once you have found a good affiliateprogram, you need to add the code for their banner or button on on your page(s). Once there, it will continue to return revenue, as long as you see to it that traffic continues to stream to your site.

Actuator machine

An ascending actuating machine, is not a common sight on the web. It is rarely used as actuation of valves. For valves, such as ball – or butterfly – valves, one is better off using a pneumatic actuator. If double acting is a problem, go with the single acting actuators. To presume you need a valve is dangerous, but it is indeed very common. as an affiliate of the actuator business, I once thought I could build a site, designed to target visitors from Falun. When that did not work, I tried to start an affiliate program, selling valves. That was, if not a success, so a semi success. It did bring in some income, but not nearly enough to stop working. So, after that I tried poker. Both as a player and as a webmaster – it was far more profitable then expected. Sending visitors to poker sites turned out to bring me a better income then I even thought. The pokeraffiliate program did work better then intended. I sent them a lot of traffic, of which most did join the poker room I sent them to. So, now Im pretty much all set, thanking the affiliate programs I have joined for bringing some revenue into my life.

Finding new ways of driving traffic

The autosurf business is not what it once was. A few months ago, the autosurfs where easy to find, even without a searchengine. But now I find myself searching and searching, trying to find an autosurf with an affiliate program. It is not that easy, even clicking the toplist I see all over the web. Most toplists work in away that is similar to autosurf You send them visitors, and depending on how many visitors you send the toplist, you will get traffic in return. Its free, and failry good traffic. At least someone “real” is clicking the link. The autosurf and their affiliates are worse traffic, but it does send a lot of visitors, so you can be sure of some real visitors from autosurfs aswell. But, do they convert well with affiliate programs? Well, not really, but as it is free, the ratio do not have to be good for it to be a very well invested time spent. The banner or textlink used to link to the affiliate is ofcourse important aswell. You need to be sure that all graphics, your own and free buttons, are of high quality. That way, all traffic sent to an affiliateprogram, will be of much higher relevance, and therefore convert much better. In conclusion: Autosurf and toplist traffic will convert with affiliate programs, but they do have a lower sign up ratio then other traffic. It might still prove useful, simply because it is free.

Visitors to your affiliate site

When driving traffic to your affiliate site, you have to consider a few things: You need to focus on free traffic – paid traffic and pretty much any way of getting that precious traffic. Ofcourse, not all kinds of traffic converts well, but even at the worst ratio, free traffic WILL convert, and therefore it is valuable. A good example of crappy traffic is the autosurfs. The traffic received from them are indeed of a very poor quality, but even so, you can – free of charge – drive thousands and thousands of hits to your website. Allthough the traffic is poor, it will turn into sales eventually. I had a simple poker page in rotation for a few weeks, and I did get quite a few sign ups. But, if I was to look at my sign ups per hit, the ratio was very poor, but then again, it was completely free. This is only one way of getting free traffic, another way is the clickexchanges and/or bannerexchanges. For a banner exchange to work well, it is important your banner is of high quality. Never the less, if your banner don’t convert well, the same applies here – If its free, why ask? Just do it! But, keep in mind a great banner might improve your traffic from these exchanges tenfold. I had a ratio of 1:490 with a banner I did myself, and when I had a real webdesigner do it, it improved to 1:70 or such. Not quite tenfold, but close enough for me to cheer. Aside from the traffic gained, the exposure you get when your banner is showing on various pages, is a very nice side effect. All studies show that people are more likely to click a banner if they have seen the company name before. Even affiliate sites work this way. The larger affiliates wont use the autosurfs, nore will they use click exchanges, but the theory still applies.

Affiliate thoughts...

A litle something about the affiliate business. Its not as easy as one thinks. To be a successful affiliate, you need to consider quite a few things. Most important is your webpage. Allthough there are some affiliate prpgrams that do work offline aswell as online, that is often poker or other gambling sites. That does limit you to gambling. If you have no interest in poker, I suggest you take the time to build a webpage. It can be about everything, you can always find an affiliateprogram that matches your site. It can be about valves, butterfly, ball or pneumatic actuators. Either way you go, it is the way to an online income. That or winning money gambling. The double acting business is one of its own kind. Filled with opportunities and possibilities its perhaps the one thing you should not miss. You could, ofcourse read a book about it, but there is nothing that compares to experience. Allthough literature and magazines can prove very valuable, books cant teach you everything. You need to try it out for yourself. To earn money, you need to spend money. Well, that not entirely correct, using the affiliate programs, you can actuators have an online income, without spending a penny.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Recieving more visitors

To receive visitors to your website might be the hardest task a webmaster faces, but there vare many ways of finding free traffic. First off, you need to exchange links with other sites, this fills two purposes, link popularity and potential traffic from every link pointing towards your page. link popularity will effect your pagerank, a way of determining a webpage and its value. While this is excellent when trying to climb on the search engines, the side effect: Free traffic may be of even higher importance. The traffic received from search engines might convert better with your affiliate program, but traffic thru links are a great way of improving your alexa rank and it might bring more revenue with regards to the affiliate business. The sponsors, as many call the affiliatecompanies, will pay you for traffic or sales you generate thru your webpage and the banners you are displaying on every page. There are some buttons, if you feel a free banner will mess up your webdesign. The banners supplied by the affiliate will often be very well thought out, making it profitable using their banners in comparison with your home made banner or button. Your visitors will most often generate more traffic thru to your affiliate program with a good looking banner or button.

Building a site for free

Building a site, using nothing but free stuff is a very fun thing to do. Even though Im using the searchengines to find affiliateprograms, banners, buttons and free traffic, I often find myself browsing thru toplists, autosurfing and many other activities far from my original intent. Even though this takes quite some time, it is usually worth while, simply because the great revenue ration one can get. Finding the free traffic is easy, but compared to searching for an affiliate program, it is considered hard. The affiliate program you chose, will have a great impact on your future profit. The revenue received from free sites can vary, but it is still an online income. I regularly check the pokeraffiliate to see if anything has improved, and tpo see if any competitors has been to my free site. That’s not always that easy to know, visitors can come from anywhere in the world. One visitor could be a poker player, and the next one working with online design, making banners and buttons. Even so, they are good to my ratio on the affiliate programs, it is always better with free traffic, then it is with no traffic.

Finding the right poker room

To find the best poker room, you should look for a list, ranking the different pokersites. I found a few nice sign up bonuses, surfing the web, looking at banners and buttons. After I tried a few, I found that it would be nice to join their affiliate program, and perhaps be able to send some visitors their way. Said and done, I signed up, got a banner and a small button to promot the poker room I was playing on. After only a short while, I found the button to be converting better then the button. Promoting poker, one must be sure to watch the players closely, trying to maximize the revenue received. I soon switched to promoting my pokersite using mostly text links and a button. The affiliate program I joined workede very well with text links, it even converted better then the banner. I searched for another, better affiliate program, but I honestly could not find anything wth a better ratio. Now, I see that I earn a lot of money, using nothing but different affiliate program I found through out the web, surfing, autosurfing or clicking toplists. That way, I get a whole lot of traffic for free. Free traffic is very nice, but does not convert as good as targeted traffic.

Searching for an affiliate program

The things to consider when you search for an affiliate program are not that hard to figure out. If you have a site about, lets say valves & actuators, you need to search for an affiliateprogram targeting visitors looking for just valve & actuator affiliated content. If you have a hard time finding those, switch focus on your webpage or find an affiliate with focus on something similar to your page. In this case, anything pneumatic might do the trick. Ofcourse, not all visitors will go for pneumatic actuators, but some will and hopefully that will be sufficient for you to make a profit. If its not profit enough to earn a living online, you can easily make yourself another site and search for an affiliateprogram once again. You could even look up the affiliate business before you build your site, and go with a topic you know will be profitable. While pneumatic actuators was your first choice, you can perhaps make a site about poker and gambling, odds & ends, betting or simply texas hold em. Ok, I confess, I am a single minded guy, but Im actuators double actuated, did that make sense at all?

Poker and rake back

As an affiliate to various poker sites, I tend to make quite sme extra money every week. Every friday I get a nice paycheck, even though affiliates of today don’t get checks. Its wire transfers most of the time. Even though you can use a pay processor. I use the wire transfer on all affiliate programs where it is available to me. Most affiliate programs offer this. Poker sites often have an option of either playing poker for your revgenue, or to have it paid out. If you, as I am, are using a pokerroom with a rakeback, it can prove worth your while to actually gamble a bit, and use your money as a start to your poker bankroll. If you don’t, you can still make an extra income trying to refer more players to casino sites. Just as poker, the casino affiliate s are making a lot of money, without actually gambling themselves. I do gamble though, I try to play atleast twice a week, sometimes more. I play both online and offline poker, while I only go to landbased casinos. Never online. Why? Well, its obvious the internet casinos are using software, they are online after all. Roulette where the bank are sure to windoes not appeal to me. Sure, every casino are making safe money on roulette, but it’s a big difference if it’s a statistical win or, as the online casinos, they know they will win two out of three rolls.


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Poker addiction

Yesterday, I talked about the problems of gambling addiction, and the troubles of visitors to the casinos and clubs in Las Vegas. The problem doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot. The problem reaches all levels of the population, ranging from people who care about the speed limit, to those who use actuator and valves. These people should not be associated with the pipeline from Nevada to Los Angeles. They are, however, affiliated with the pneumatic office at the river. These companies, or as we call them: affiliate, it should be reminded that not all of them are of swedish quality. I could talk about gambling and poker all night, but I need to go to the casino right now, I feel the rake burning in my pocket.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Baaaad visitors

Here is a good way of saving a few dollar on your online purchases: When you have looked up what to buy, and where to buy it from – search for their affiliate program and sign up BEFORE you buy the product. No matter if its poker, gambling, shopping or simply some vitamins, you might end up saving 20% or more, simply using the affiliate program. If you really want to make money, not just save some, you could use the very same affiliate program to refer buddies, co-workers or visitors to your website. You just put a banner on your page, cross your fingers and wait for the traffic to convert into cash! This might sound easy enough, but its actuators not as easy as it valve. Butterfly and ball are not mentioned often enough, so I´ll write it again, in a different order: Ball & butterfly. Pneumatic enough for you? No? Ok, single actuating or double actuators? What is the correct term? Who cares? It’s a valve, isn’t it? Well, if this made no sense to you, you are hereby deemed as a bad visitor. Baaaad traffic I tell ya! Now, off you go, if you don’t want to read about affiliate programs, valve, actuators, then please visit us some other time. Thank you, came again.


affiliate programs



Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gambling and Gifts

Sometimes its hard to be a woman, making it impossible to shop for you all. An example: Last month, I was at the mall trying to find a gift for my lady friend. Now, for a woman, she is very interested in poker, making it funnier then usual to shopping for her. I was in a gambling store, trying to give her a nice poker set. Allthough, I found it to be far cheaper online, so I headed right on home, even though driving through traffic usually makes me go mad. I drive a nice car, so traffic for me, should be easier then for the next guy, driving perhaps a saab, or something pneumatic. When I got home, I tried to find the gift I was looking for, so I logged on, trying to find a good site to buy pokeritems. I found a lot of online casinos, but not many who sold gambling stuff. After a while, I did find a pokersite who did, and I got lucky once more. Life is good!

Poker program and UFO's

Another fun thing that happened to me the other day, is a UFO landed outside my house. To most people things like this might seem scary, nut I’m an adventurer, and consider things like this exciting stuff. This time, I was playing poker when I looked out the window. My house is just by the river, right after the turn after Mr and Mrs Spades house. I had been winning in poker all night long, so when I saw the hearts haped UFO, I was in doubt if it was a bluff or a straight on spaceship. It was similar to “clubs and diamonds”, the poker flipper I played last night. All though it was way to easy to tilt. I wont be playing there anymore. I have been gambling a lot lately, being to distracted to work. All I see are cards, roulettes and other casinogames, when ever I close my eyes, I see rakes, chips and stacks.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Actuator work at home

Working at home can be a dangerous business. For some, this is an excellent way of making money, but for others, it is only a way towards depravation. Things that might make people go crazy include; Poker, cardgames, betting and all other aspects of gambling. In todays world, this do see like the norm, but actuator it is not. Actuator it should be as banned as always, and all the visitors to the Nevada casinos should go to church, often twice a week. In affiliation with the gambling heaven in Vegas, one can find a lot more morally questionable activities, such as horse racing or pyramid schemes. Apart from all this, one can find the gambling baffiliates all over Las Vegas. It has spread to cities close to Vegas, even over the state limit. The affiliates of the gambling authority has been known to accuse godfearing people as myself of trying to ruin their business, but as I see it, the poker is ruining the world. I can find quite a few examples of players winning the pokerhand, but loosing their innocence at the table.

Driving and shopping

Driving traffic to your affiliate sites are of high importance. You should try every way you can think of. No way is bad except the ones that do not work. Work at home is a very pleasant way of making your income, if due to nothing else, simply because its a very relaxed way or making a living. I rarely leave the house, and when I do, I never ever have to fight traffic hour.
And if thats not all, I can stay up late, playing poker or gambling in general. If I loose, I try to earn it back the day after, using the poker affiliates I have found using the affiliatesearchengine. It was a hefty start, making thousands of dollars in a week, but it soon went thru the roof. My earnings are way above average, and for me and my family, that is just great news.
Now I can buy the wife gifts as often as I please. Gifts, watches, jewelery or clothes. You name it, I have given it to my wife, spending only the money I make using the affiliateprograms. Even if I use the pokeraffiliates the most, I mix it up using some casinoaffiliates. I even make a profit on all the gifts to my wife. I sign up as an affiliate BEFORE I buy her gifts, that way
I get a kickback on that purchase. Not bad, huh? Other ways of earning or saving a buck online are plenty, but now that I have spent so much time learning the affiliate business, I tend to keep to that, even though I might be able to come up with alot more stuff to do. I guess I'm lazy, but what the hay? Im rich....Well, not rich but atleast not poor. I can afford to buy presents
christmas gifts are no longer an issue, and my wife is happier then ever. I will consider finding a real job if, and ONLY if, the affiliates fail to bring income for a month or so, but so far, tht has not happened. Not even close. As of now, I'm making more and more each and every week, still using nothing but affiliateprogram s.

Poker for the masses

I play poker as often as I can, winning some and loosing some. I tried both texas, omaha anmd stud, but my poker game is most definitely texas hold em. I enjoy all pokergames, but I cannot seem to win in omaha or stud. I play both ring games and tourneys, but I do better in cashgames. I signed up under a friend, using his affiliate code. That way
he will get a cut of the profit the poker room makes on me. A percentage of the rake to put it simple. I dont loose a dime this way, but I make my friend some money. Recently I signed up thru an affiliate program aswell, and now Im trying to get a few pokerplayers to sign up under me. This is not as easy as it may sound. I have little or no clue
where to find these players. I told a few of the guys im playing poker with, but they already had a poker room they played on. After that, I tried to make my own site, hoping people would visit me, and click the banners to the pokersites. That did not happen, until I found myself a good link exchange. That way, I got plenty of visitors who actually was eager to sign up,
using my affiliate code. So, now I'm making some serious cash, using nothing but link exchanges. The way it works is, you link to one site, and they link to you in return. The term, i think, is reciprocal linking. It does work well. The traffic doers convert, if not as good as it once did. But the ratio is still ok. I make more money using affiliate programs then I
do playing poker. I even make more then I loose playing Omaha or stud. So, as I see it, using the affiliate tools, searching for the best program, is a better way of making pokermoney. I still play, but not as much as I used to. I try to focus on my site, driving traffic and watchinmg the affiliateprograms closely. Not that I can do so much about it, but its still
fun to watch the earnings grow. I recommend you to sign up under me if you want, if not, go sign up atleast. Its free to join, you can find free traffic and you should be able to make some money, even if your conversions arnt as good as mine. To sum it up - Join an affiliate program - make a site - drive free traffic - buy traffic and go make some money.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Earning money on affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of the internet. You should try to read up on the affiliateprograms, find a good one and make some money. Working at home is the best way of earning money, without clothes and ties..I make a point of not getting dressed before I look at my revenue from the night before. I make about 100 dollars on a few different affiliate programs.
That actually adds up - it adds up big time. As of yet, Im using four different affiliates, and Im making over 500 dollars a week. For a guy not having a proper job, that is pretty nice money, dont you think? At first, it was hard to find traffic enough to make this profitable, but with a little effort, a few links....well ok....three thousand links pointing to my homepage
made all the difference. You should join one or a few link exchanges, only to boost your pagerank. PR - or pagerank - is googles way of knowing how important your webpage is. The more links pointing to your page, the higher pr you get. It is an easy way of driving some visitors to your site, not using the free traffic resources you might find elsewhere. Allthough high PR is nice, it is
not the only way to make money using affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs convert very well with niched traffic, but if you find a good pokeraffiliate, you should be able to get a nice ratio even with general traffic. That mentionedf, you should understand the way to do this. Go get yourself signed up on a few affiliateprograms, make a page and promote it, using
every method of generating traffic you can think of.

Multiple affiliate sites

You should try to drive traffic to multiple sites, using the same traffic resources. That way, the traffic recieved will be
very easy to manage. If you find that those visitors convert well with your affiliate programs, you can point the traffic to the
site you think would benefit the most. What I try to do, is send the traffic to the site or sites I updated last. That way, a visitor
who have been on the site before, will get some fresh content. I try to mix up the order I update sites in, simply beacause I like the random
paychecks I get from the variuos affiliateprograms

affiliate search.

Poker and affiliates

Try to play online poker with a twist. The thing to do is simple: You recruit new players to the poker room you are using, and get a commision on their rake. There are many different ways of recruiting people, but the two most effective ways are: Building your own pokersite and drving traffic to it, hoping the visitors will
sign up under you. The other way to go is to promote the poker room(s) offline - either to friends and co workers, or simply printing businesscvards with the URL and your promotion code. Online marketing works very well if you only can attract some visitors to your site. The tricky part is to find poker traffic, and not just general
visitors. This can be done in many ways, using toplists, link exchanges or their likes. If this does not work, you could try to attract visitors in general, hoping that a few of them are poker buffs. What yopu need to fucus on, when driving general traffic is quantity, NOT quality. Ofcourse quality is a great thing when it does
work, but even the worst traffic will convert sooner or later. The affiliate program used is of high importance, and the type of program is important aswell. Share their rake back, fixed amount per sign up or recurring revenue - its all up to you, but the percentage of the rake tends to be the most profitable of them all.
affiliates of poker are making alot of money when they do it right, and even somethimes when they do all affiliate marketing wrong. It is a very lucrative business, making online earnings far more then a possibility. To maximize your earnings, you should try some offline marketing aswell. Even though it tends to convert poorly,
the same applies here. Quantity! Print a crazy amount of flyers with your affiliate code printed on it - go to colleges, poker clubs or casinos and try to find a way to hand them to all the visitors. Be careful not to break any laws, and you are on your way to a great extra income. If this does not make you rich, you might wanna try a different affiliateprogram.