Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Visitors to your affiliate site

When driving traffic to your affiliate site, you have to consider a few things: You need to focus on free traffic – paid traffic and pretty much any way of getting that precious traffic. Ofcourse, not all kinds of traffic converts well, but even at the worst ratio, free traffic WILL convert, and therefore it is valuable. A good example of crappy traffic is the autosurfs. The traffic received from them are indeed of a very poor quality, but even so, you can – free of charge – drive thousands and thousands of hits to your website. Allthough the traffic is poor, it will turn into sales eventually. I had a simple poker page in rotation for a few weeks, and I did get quite a few sign ups. But, if I was to look at my sign ups per hit, the ratio was very poor, but then again, it was completely free. This is only one way of getting free traffic, another way is the clickexchanges and/or bannerexchanges. For a banner exchange to work well, it is important your banner is of high quality. Never the less, if your banner don’t convert well, the same applies here – If its free, why ask? Just do it! But, keep in mind a great banner might improve your traffic from these exchanges tenfold. I had a ratio of 1:490 with a banner I did myself, and when I had a real webdesigner do it, it improved to 1:70 or such. Not quite tenfold, but close enough for me to cheer. Aside from the traffic gained, the exposure you get when your banner is showing on various pages, is a very nice side effect. All studies show that people are more likely to click a banner if they have seen the company name before. Even affiliate sites work this way. The larger affiliates wont use the autosurfs, nore will they use click exchanges, but the theory still applies.


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