Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Single acting webpage

Trying to actuate a single webpage can be difficult – but it should be done. Once you have optimised it for searchengines – SEO – you need to focus on bringing traffic to your pages. Search for free traffic on a major search engine – and you will get way to many results, amaking that search useless. Instead, try to find a good site with a lot of free traffic resources, making that the base of your traffic efforts. Then, when you have a lot of visitors coming your way, it is time to send them elsewhere. This might sound strage after such a hard days work, bringing traffic TO your site, but you will make more money, sending them to an affiliate program. The same applies here, if you search for an affiliate program on a major SE, it will return to many results, making it more useful to go to a page designed to find affiliates. Once you have found a good affiliateprogram, you need to add the code for their banner or button on on your page(s). Once there, it will continue to return revenue, as long as you see to it that traffic continues to stream to your site.


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