Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Recieving more visitors

To receive visitors to your website might be the hardest task a webmaster faces, but there vare many ways of finding free traffic. First off, you need to exchange links with other sites, this fills two purposes, link popularity and potential traffic from every link pointing towards your page. link popularity will effect your pagerank, a way of determining a webpage and its value. While this is excellent when trying to climb on the search engines, the side effect: Free traffic may be of even higher importance. The traffic received from search engines might convert better with your affiliate program, but traffic thru links are a great way of improving your alexa rank and it might bring more revenue with regards to the affiliate business. The sponsors, as many call the affiliatecompanies, will pay you for traffic or sales you generate thru your webpage and the banners you are displaying on every page. There are some buttons, if you feel a free banner will mess up your webdesign. The banners supplied by the affiliate will often be very well thought out, making it profitable using their banners in comparison with your home made banner or button. Your visitors will most often generate more traffic thru to your affiliate program with a good looking banner or button.


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