Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Poker and rake back

As an affiliate to various poker sites, I tend to make quite sme extra money every week. Every friday I get a nice paycheck, even though affiliates of today don’t get checks. Its wire transfers most of the time. Even though you can use a pay processor. I use the wire transfer on all affiliate programs where it is available to me. Most affiliate programs offer this. Poker sites often have an option of either playing poker for your revgenue, or to have it paid out. If you, as I am, are using a pokerroom with a rakeback, it can prove worth your while to actually gamble a bit, and use your money as a start to your poker bankroll. If you don’t, you can still make an extra income trying to refer more players to casino sites. Just as poker, the casino affiliate s are making a lot of money, without actually gambling themselves. I do gamble though, I try to play atleast twice a week, sometimes more. I play both online and offline poker, while I only go to landbased casinos. Never online. Why? Well, its obvious the internet casinos are using software, they are online after all. Roulette where the bank are sure to windoes not appeal to me. Sure, every casino are making safe money on roulette, but it’s a big difference if it’s a statistical win or, as the online casinos, they know they will win two out of three rolls.


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