Thursday, May 04, 2006

Online marketing - not rocket science

Earning money online is a lot easier then one might expect, making the new affiliate programs more valuable then ever. One affiliate site even states they are contributing more then the music industry to the third world. While I strongly doubt this, it is no doubt they are making a good contribution to everyone using the affiliate programs regularly. You point link towards their page, using your affiliatecode, and they track the visitors you send thru a java script or some other software. They will pay you either for every lead, sale, visitor or impression, but you will always get paid for something. The affiliateprogram s are starting to make its way into pretty much every business, with Poker and gambling at the font line, taking it one step further. They are using sign up bonuses to target their visitors, making the traffic received very well converting. Other businesses have tried to adapt this teqnique, some have succeded, while others have failed. A good affiliate program should consist of great tracking software, some other program, perhaps a linux server and some other affiliate tools.


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Blogger Editor said...

Yeah Poker and gamblind are huge industries. However as someone who is just starting out and with the pending US online ban I think things may get a little rough.
Fortunately the large amount of competition may die down, and fortunately I have been using amazon and adsense primarily for income.
It's a shame that I just start to dive into this market and online gambling gets banned, but it appears there are still a few sites that have no assets in the US, as well as foreign payment processers, so there may be a few that are safe.

I hope to compare the death of online poker in the US to the stock market crash. Many professional online poker players and affiliates are losing out on a lot of potentional income, however a part of me remains optomistic that with everyone pulling out, now may be the best time ever to get in. Especially with several online players deciding to move to live casino games; suddenly good poker books on reading people and playing good become much more important.

Right now I'm devloping a poker blog designed for freerolls and non deposit bonuses because I assume most people are pulling their money out and afraid to go back in when they might not get it back... Yet the diehard poker players still would love to play, so I see some value in that niche.

Anyway the point of all this is you will never get ahead if you're always following the crowd. At some point you gotta let the crow follow you.
I love the information you've provided.

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