Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finding the right poker room

To find the best poker room, you should look for a list, ranking the different pokersites. I found a few nice sign up bonuses, surfing the web, looking at banners and buttons. After I tried a few, I found that it would be nice to join their affiliate program, and perhaps be able to send some visitors their way. Said and done, I signed up, got a banner and a small button to promot the poker room I was playing on. After only a short while, I found the button to be converting better then the button. Promoting poker, one must be sure to watch the players closely, trying to maximize the revenue received. I soon switched to promoting my pokersite using mostly text links and a button. The affiliate program I joined workede very well with text links, it even converted better then the banner. I searched for another, better affiliate program, but I honestly could not find anything wth a better ratio. Now, I see that I earn a lot of money, using nothing but different affiliate program I found through out the web, surfing, autosurfing or clicking toplists. That way, I get a whole lot of traffic for free. Free traffic is very nice, but does not convert as good as targeted traffic.


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Nice post about a perfect place to play poker.....

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