Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Finding new ways of driving traffic

The autosurf business is not what it once was. A few months ago, the autosurfs where easy to find, even without a searchengine. But now I find myself searching and searching, trying to find an autosurf with an affiliate program. It is not that easy, even clicking the toplist I see all over the web. Most toplists work in away that is similar to autosurf You send them visitors, and depending on how many visitors you send the toplist, you will get traffic in return. Its free, and failry good traffic. At least someone “real” is clicking the link. The autosurf and their affiliates are worse traffic, but it does send a lot of visitors, so you can be sure of some real visitors from autosurfs aswell. But, do they convert well with affiliate programs? Well, not really, but as it is free, the ratio do not have to be good for it to be a very well invested time spent. The banner or textlink used to link to the affiliate is ofcourse important aswell. You need to be sure that all graphics, your own and free buttons, are of high quality. That way, all traffic sent to an affiliateprogram, will be of much higher relevance, and therefore convert much better. In conclusion: Autosurf and toplist traffic will convert with affiliate programs, but they do have a lower sign up ratio then other traffic. It might still prove useful, simply because it is free.


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