Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Building a site for free

Building a site, using nothing but free stuff is a very fun thing to do. Even though Im using the searchengines to find affiliateprograms, banners, buttons and free traffic, I often find myself browsing thru toplists, autosurfing and many other activities far from my original intent. Even though this takes quite some time, it is usually worth while, simply because the great revenue ration one can get. Finding the free traffic is easy, but compared to searching for an affiliate program, it is considered hard. The affiliate program you chose, will have a great impact on your future profit. The revenue received from free sites can vary, but it is still an online income. I regularly check the pokeraffiliate to see if anything has improved, and tpo see if any competitors has been to my free site. That’s not always that easy to know, visitors can come from anywhere in the world. One visitor could be a poker player, and the next one working with online design, making banners and buttons. Even so, they are good to my ratio on the affiliate programs, it is always better with free traffic, then it is with no traffic.


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