Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Actuator machine

An ascending actuating machine, is not a common sight on the web. It is rarely used as actuation of valves. For valves, such as ball – or butterfly – valves, one is better off using a pneumatic actuator. If double acting is a problem, go with the single acting actuators. To presume you need a valve is dangerous, but it is indeed very common. as an affiliate of the actuator business, I once thought I could build a site, designed to target visitors from Falun. When that did not work, I tried to start an affiliate program, selling valves. That was, if not a success, so a semi success. It did bring in some income, but not nearly enough to stop working. So, after that I tried poker. Both as a player and as a webmaster – it was far more profitable then expected. Sending visitors to poker sites turned out to bring me a better income then I even thought. The pokeraffiliate program did work better then intended. I sent them a lot of traffic, of which most did join the poker room I sent them to. So, now Im pretty much all set, thanking the affiliate programs I have joined for bringing some revenue into my life.


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