Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Poker program and UFO's

Another fun thing that happened to me the other day, is a UFO landed outside my house. To most people things like this might seem scary, nut I’m an adventurer, and consider things like this exciting stuff. This time, I was playing poker when I looked out the window. My house is just by the river, right after the turn after Mr and Mrs Spades house. I had been winning in poker all night long, so when I saw the hearts haped UFO, I was in doubt if it was a bluff or a straight on spaceship. It was similar to “clubs and diamonds”, the poker flipper I played last night. All though it was way to easy to tilt. I wont be playing there anymore. I have been gambling a lot lately, being to distracted to work. All I see are cards, roulettes and other casinogames, when ever I close my eyes, I see rakes, chips and stacks.


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