Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Poker for the masses

I play poker as often as I can, winning some and loosing some. I tried both texas, omaha anmd stud, but my poker game is most definitely texas hold em. I enjoy all pokergames, but I cannot seem to win in omaha or stud. I play both ring games and tourneys, but I do better in cashgames. I signed up under a friend, using his affiliate code. That way
he will get a cut of the profit the poker room makes on me. A percentage of the rake to put it simple. I dont loose a dime this way, but I make my friend some money. Recently I signed up thru an affiliate program aswell, and now Im trying to get a few pokerplayers to sign up under me. This is not as easy as it may sound. I have little or no clue
where to find these players. I told a few of the guys im playing poker with, but they already had a poker room they played on. After that, I tried to make my own site, hoping people would visit me, and click the banners to the pokersites. That did not happen, until I found myself a good link exchange. That way, I got plenty of visitors who actually was eager to sign up,
using my affiliate code. So, now I'm making some serious cash, using nothing but link exchanges. The way it works is, you link to one site, and they link to you in return. The term, i think, is reciprocal linking. It does work well. The traffic doers convert, if not as good as it once did. But the ratio is still ok. I make more money using affiliate programs then I
do playing poker. I even make more then I loose playing Omaha or stud. So, as I see it, using the affiliate tools, searching for the best program, is a better way of making pokermoney. I still play, but not as much as I used to. I try to focus on my site, driving traffic and watchinmg the affiliateprograms closely. Not that I can do so much about it, but its still
fun to watch the earnings grow. I recommend you to sign up under me if you want, if not, go sign up atleast. Its free to join, you can find free traffic and you should be able to make some money, even if your conversions arnt as good as mine. To sum it up - Join an affiliate program - make a site - drive free traffic - buy traffic and go make some money.


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