Monday, April 24, 2006

Poker and affiliates

Try to play online poker with a twist. The thing to do is simple: You recruit new players to the poker room you are using, and get a commision on their rake. There are many different ways of recruiting people, but the two most effective ways are: Building your own pokersite and drving traffic to it, hoping the visitors will
sign up under you. The other way to go is to promote the poker room(s) offline - either to friends and co workers, or simply printing businesscvards with the URL and your promotion code. Online marketing works very well if you only can attract some visitors to your site. The tricky part is to find poker traffic, and not just general
visitors. This can be done in many ways, using toplists, link exchanges or their likes. If this does not work, you could try to attract visitors in general, hoping that a few of them are poker buffs. What yopu need to fucus on, when driving general traffic is quantity, NOT quality. Ofcourse quality is a great thing when it does
work, but even the worst traffic will convert sooner or later. The affiliate program used is of high importance, and the type of program is important aswell. Share their rake back, fixed amount per sign up or recurring revenue - its all up to you, but the percentage of the rake tends to be the most profitable of them all.
affiliates of poker are making alot of money when they do it right, and even somethimes when they do all affiliate marketing wrong. It is a very lucrative business, making online earnings far more then a possibility. To maximize your earnings, you should try some offline marketing aswell. Even though it tends to convert poorly,
the same applies here. Quantity! Print a crazy amount of flyers with your affiliate code printed on it - go to colleges, poker clubs or casinos and try to find a way to hand them to all the visitors. Be careful not to break any laws, and you are on your way to a great extra income. If this does not make you rich, you might wanna try a different affiliateprogram.


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