Sunday, April 23, 2006

Even more affiliate movement

To try to build a pokersite can prove difficult, but I found out some tips & tricks. Along the road towards a large stack - if I may call it that - I have found out a few things working in the
gambling business. I tried to build a casino site, but I soon found that poker are more profit able to say the least. Nowadays, I have got four pokersites and one general site about gambling.
On the gambling site, I try to write general posts and articles, mostly about casinos and poker rooms. I spice it up a bit with bingo, lotto and other games. I use sponsors - or affiliateprograms if you insist -
to make an income, and to be honest...Im starting to make enough money to quit my dayjob. I also found that selling pokerbooks and other literature is a powerful way of making that extra dollars. Ofcourse I use some of the profits to add
to my bankroll, but other then that, I tend to just live on it. I actually manage to win some more money on poker some months. Those are good days. I only play Texas Hold Em, no Omaha or Stud at all. Texas is the only game I dont suck at, so its an easy choice.
I dont play as much as I used to, but I still have a weekly game going on.


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