Monday, April 24, 2006

Earning money on affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of the internet. You should try to read up on the affiliateprograms, find a good one and make some money. Working at home is the best way of earning money, without clothes and ties..I make a point of not getting dressed before I look at my revenue from the night before. I make about 100 dollars on a few different affiliate programs.
That actually adds up - it adds up big time. As of yet, Im using four different affiliates, and Im making over 500 dollars a week. For a guy not having a proper job, that is pretty nice money, dont you think? At first, it was hard to find traffic enough to make this profitable, but with a little effort, a few links....well ok....three thousand links pointing to my homepage
made all the difference. You should join one or a few link exchanges, only to boost your pagerank. PR - or pagerank - is googles way of knowing how important your webpage is. The more links pointing to your page, the higher pr you get. It is an easy way of driving some visitors to your site, not using the free traffic resources you might find elsewhere. Allthough high PR is nice, it is
not the only way to make money using affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs convert very well with niched traffic, but if you find a good pokeraffiliate, you should be able to get a nice ratio even with general traffic. That mentionedf, you should understand the way to do this. Go get yourself signed up on a few affiliateprograms, make a page and promote it, using
every method of generating traffic you can think of.


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