Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Driving and shopping

Driving traffic to your affiliate sites are of high importance. You should try every way you can think of. No way is bad except the ones that do not work. Work at home is a very pleasant way of making your income, if due to nothing else, simply because its a very relaxed way or making a living. I rarely leave the house, and when I do, I never ever have to fight traffic hour.
And if thats not all, I can stay up late, playing poker or gambling in general. If I loose, I try to earn it back the day after, using the poker affiliates I have found using the affiliatesearchengine. It was a hefty start, making thousands of dollars in a week, but it soon went thru the roof. My earnings are way above average, and for me and my family, that is just great news.
Now I can buy the wife gifts as often as I please. Gifts, watches, jewelery or clothes. You name it, I have given it to my wife, spending only the money I make using the affiliateprograms. Even if I use the pokeraffiliates the most, I mix it up using some casinoaffiliates. I even make a profit on all the gifts to my wife. I sign up as an affiliate BEFORE I buy her gifts, that way
I get a kickback on that purchase. Not bad, huh? Other ways of earning or saving a buck online are plenty, but now that I have spent so much time learning the affiliate business, I tend to keep to that, even though I might be able to come up with alot more stuff to do. I guess I'm lazy, but what the hay? Im rich....Well, not rich but atleast not poor. I can afford to buy presents
christmas gifts are no longer an issue, and my wife is happier then ever. I will consider finding a real job if, and ONLY if, the affiliates fail to bring income for a month or so, but so far, tht has not happened. Not even close. As of now, I'm making more and more each and every week, still using nothing but affiliateprogram s.


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