Sunday, April 30, 2006

Baaaad visitors

Here is a good way of saving a few dollar on your online purchases: When you have looked up what to buy, and where to buy it from – search for their affiliate program and sign up BEFORE you buy the product. No matter if its poker, gambling, shopping or simply some vitamins, you might end up saving 20% or more, simply using the affiliate program. If you really want to make money, not just save some, you could use the very same affiliate program to refer buddies, co-workers or visitors to your website. You just put a banner on your page, cross your fingers and wait for the traffic to convert into cash! This might sound easy enough, but its actuators not as easy as it valve. Butterfly and ball are not mentioned often enough, so I´ll write it again, in a different order: Ball & butterfly. Pneumatic enough for you? No? Ok, single actuating or double actuators? What is the correct term? Who cares? It’s a valve, isn’t it? Well, if this made no sense to you, you are hereby deemed as a bad visitor. Baaaad traffic I tell ya! Now, off you go, if you don’t want to read about affiliate programs, valve, actuators, then please visit us some other time. Thank you, came again.


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